In a world with so many transformations and digital updates, there are many changes within organizations, and corporate education is one of those sectors that has undergone changes and gained a new look.

At a time when there is a great conflict of information, speed of events and content available at all times for training and professionalization, it is necessary to organize yourself to understand what should be done for your employee.

It is not enough to throw loose information to teams and keep the idea of ​​a traditional classroom. You need to understand about corporate education and know trends to define what really makes sense for your business.

Do you know how corporate education has been transforming processes over the past few years and how it can make sense for your business in today’s world? Let’s talk more about the topic!

Corporate education understand the transformation processes of corporate education

What is corporate education?

Before we actually talk about transformations and situate relevant historical moments and trends, it is important that you know what corporate education really is.

Corporate education is a set of practices adopted to promote the continuous training of employees , developing skills and abilities in accordance with the company’s objectives, needs and principles.

This concept is not just about applying training and transmitting specific knowledge of various functions, it is a process that goes much further, with the great objective of developing competences through LMS strategic and continuous knowledge .

The practice of knowledge established within organizations aims to increase results, innovation, deliveries, attitudes, behaviors, skills and development of organizational culture .

It is essential to understand that the more qualified and prepared your people, the greater the engagement and development of the work, whether individual or team, leading to results for your business.

The development and transformations of corporate education

The world has gone through a technological transformation and with the push of the home office and needs that arose along with the coronavirus pandemic, even faster was the acceleration of some processes within companies.

But before we actually talk about education with technology and digital transformation, it’s worth taking a look back and taking a historical step to understand how we got here.

Developing people is a practice that has been happening for a long time, after all, companies always want people who are capable and who know how to perform the services, right?

Even before technologies, computers and the internet, companies already used the idea of ​​a classroom and trained their employees for their goals and needs. Through books, handouts, dynamics and physical resources, knowledge was transmitted in the most diverse ways.


Here, we can say that it is the “school” phase of corporate education, which was nothing very different from courses, in which employees only observed lessons and had the presence of the teacher who was the holder of wisdom.

This process was not always engaging and made employees see these activities as “boring” or unnecessary, often being just an obligation to be fulfilled.

Corporate education understand the transformation processes of corporate education

Even in the last century, corporate education became a huge explosion due to the increased use of internet and computers and the construction of corporate universities , although in simple ways when compared to today, were what made learning to be looked at from. different way.

At that time, more than just the classroom, companies started to look at the combination of skills, knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Also coming with the idea of ​​a corporate university, companies started to pay more attention to the need and difficulties of gathering people, time and scaling up learning.

With this, distance education was already starting to become a reality in some places, after all, it is necessary to reach more people in less time and provide more than training, but also support and knowledge bases.

From there, with the custom of online training established within companies, there was a big turnaround in corporate education in companies . It takes more than moving the classroom to the virtual environment, but also relying on methodologies and techniques to increase retention, engagement and results.

corporate education and digital transformation

As we said, given the need to update training and learning strategies, there are several methodologies that have emerged in recent years. More than that, the coronavirus pandemic has transformed habits and made changes even more accelerated.

If teleworking was previously only a benefit in some places, now it becomes routine in many places and companies need to look even more for their corporate education, regardless of where their employees are.

And, if the digital transformation was already a reality in many places, now this is the movement in which all sectors need to accept technologies as an ally.

Digital transformation is the adoption of technological solutions to digitally position companies in the market with greater competitive advantages.

It must be emphasized that, digitally transforming and incorporating technologies is not just about adopting IT solutions and buying new machines, but rather devising strategies and having activities with which the use of technology is aggregator in all sectors.

Looking at it in conjunction with corporate education, it makes you go beyond the molds of lessons passed by teachers and lectures and leave for good that first phase that we discussed earlier.

With the digital transformation, corporate education gains dynamics that place the employee at the center of the journey.

Trends and current corporate education

Now that you know more about corporate education and have gone through a quick timeline of its evolution, let’s talk about the present and look to the future. With that in mind, we’ve listed some trends for this important company strategy. Check out!


The gamification, or gamification , is one of the major trends and beloved of corporate education. Currently very popular within the learning process, the methodology uses game techniques and engages participants through a playful and challenging universe.