LMS Platform Considering the above points, it’s pretty easy to understand why having such a platform for your company is beneficial. However, for it to generate the result you are looking for, it is necessary to find the right tool. Here are some of the main points to keep in mind:

  1. Check the supplier’s reputation


How to choose an LMS Platform

Checking the vendor’s reputation is a very important point, as there are many  LMS software vendors  in the market, it is necessary to check if they really deliver what they promise.

Also, it is important to verify that your LMS vendor will   guarantee system stability, support, and updates. Therefore, before contracting the services of an  LMS platform , please note:

Which companies does this supplier already serve?

What features does this LMS Platform offer?

How is access to new versions given? Does this generate cost or impact for training already in progress?

What will be the support conditions provided for in the contract, as well as the availability of service, speed of response and solution?

  1. Make sure the Platform interface is easy to use

The  corporate LMS Platform  must be easy to use and have a user-friendly interface to ensure a good user experience.

Having poor usability requires more support and can hamper learning, which will likely lead to more costs and less results.

Hence the need for the Platform to have easy-to-use and intuitive navigation. Ideally, it should also be adaptable to new media, both on the computer and in responsive formats, enabling navigation on  smartphones and tablets .

How to choose an LMS Platform

  1. Check software security

You don’t want your course being sold on the internet or your video lessons down. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the security and quality of the  LMS Platform .

To ensure the security of your corporate education content  , check with the supplier where the Platform’s hosting servers are located and if there is a backup routine, contingency plan and a scalable structure.

It is also important to verify the existence of access control by users, with audit reports by profiles. This ensures better organization of all participants in your  ODL project .

  1. Make sure the features that the LMS Platform offers

The correct functioning of the  EAD Platform  guarantees a good experience for the collaborator in accessing the content. Therefore, it is important to note which features the  LMS Platform  offers, in addition to the basics, and what are its differentials, which can be automatic processes, notifications and messages, discussion forum, customer service chats, feedback survey system   and hosting service of videos. All these features should be easy to administer.

  1. See if you can customize the Platform

Each organization has its particularities, so it is important that the  LMS Platform  is ready to host customized learning projects for the company.

If the vendor offers these features, you should check the level of customization, that is, how far you can make changes to the Platform and whether you need specialized knowledge to do so. Another issue to be evaluated is whether the Platform can be integrated with the company’s systems, such as marketing, sales, among others.

  1. Survey investments

To  hire an LMS Platform, it  is necessary to verify the cost-benefit ratio. What results does the company hope to achieve with the training?

In particular, you must evaluate which factor is used by the supplier to determine the price to be invested. There are vendors that use criteria such as number of users, disk space usage, active students, access to resources, functionality, and number of tutors as determining factors for billing.

If your courses are long and have heavy content, such as video classes, it is not worth it to hire a platform that charges services based on the disk space used.

Also check for additional costs after project delivery, such as access to updated versions and support fee or licenses.

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